Agile Approach to Innovation & Ideation

Agile Approach to Innovation & Ideation

As organizations grow to critical mass it is often hard to derive and sustain the types of changes that are necessary to remain competitive. The larger and more structured the organization, typically the less entrepreneurial, nimble and adaptable they are to necessary change. Inability to design, develop and/or launch new initiatives; resistance to new technology, ideas or innovations regardless of the benefit; and radical resistance to reforming past practices no matter how obsolete are clear signs that your organization may be in this state.

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Organizing Businesses for Speed & Efficiency

Organizing Businesses for Speed & Efficiency

Starr & Associates offers enterprise-level data mining, analytics and intelligence tools. We focus on how businesses can implement strategies that reduce costs while still helping you improve efficiency. Industries served include healthcare, energy, manufacturing, telecommunications, financial services, technology and the public sector.

Enterprise Level Functional Agility Assessment

The first step toward helping you make your organization more efficient is to conduct a thorough assessment of it. This includes deployment of statistical, data, engineering, simulation and other business intelligence tools used as we scan your company structure. In the process, we provide you with reports and suggest the changes you can make toward improving your operations.

Business Process Assessment and Improvement

A business process assessment provides you insights on how you can become more efficient. This preliminary step leads to making your company more effective as you use BPM (Business Process Management) tools to identify and eliminate inefficiencies. Another reason for using these evaluation utilities is for better division of project segments. It also can fine-tune online order placing steps that improve customer services.

Business Process Management

Your company probably has processes that are repeated again and again, but how can the data from those processes be transformed and utilized? The answer is simple— BPM (Business Process Management). Businesses work with various materials and information. Finding a way to pull data from those areas to make usable reports can help every aspect of a business and speed up the processes. By using BPM, data can be adequately analyzed and applied.

BPM breaks down the different processes used at the core of a company and takes a deeper look at how different processes impact each other. While filtering through the data, efficiencies and inefficiencies can be found, and processes can be improved, making your company more effective.

Most companies want to find ways to reduce costs as they make changes. A primary way of reducing expenses is using business process outsourcing. Hiring freelance and contract workers can save your organization money because they will use their own equipment and not yours. 

Organizational Redesign

When your company grows and changes, it usually requires an organizational design. You can liken this to moving into a new home or remodeling your existing one. This involves a certain formula for successful project completion that will help you achieve all your business goals.

For instance, you might revamp your organizational chart to focus on operations while leaving the “who” open. This process can prevent you from limiting project duties to only certain people, and it could help you meet all your deadlines even if the original persons assigned are temporarily unavailable. In addition to talent management, you can identify the functions that will improve communication, branding, innovations and more. Positioning of core operations will allow you to resume business at a higher level of performance.

Organizational Realignment and Transformation

When transforming your business to meet the ever-changing demands of your customers, the realignment helps you remain in unity. When everyone in your organization shares the same understanding of your company’s purpose, it increases the likelihood of success.

This happens as you develop strategies and define goals while implementing effective steps toward success as the staff you employ becomes more aligned with your mission statement. Much of this comes with educating your workers as to why certain tasks or projects are necessary and eliminating actions proven to provide no benefit while highlighting ones that do.
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Lean Startup Methodology Applied to Remote Work

With the recent pandemic forcing more companies to shift to an increasingly more remote work model, companies are discovering that they don’t know who their employees truly are yet or how their work should be done remotely.  Make sure you’re online during business hours you’re told.  Ok, so cover your um, bases, you think.  Don’t let that green light in Skype or Microsoft Teams change to any other color but red.  Red means you’re SUPER busy.  Green means you’re busy – maybe, maybe not.  Available?  In theory, yes.  But you could have trained the retired old lady next door to refresh that green light all afternoon while you snuck out for a round of golf.

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Machine Learning 101: Essential for the Modern Business

Machine Learning 101: Essential for the Modern Business

Today, machine learning is becoming incredibly important for businesses hoping to remain competitive. From shipping and logistics to the medical industry, machine learning is being used to improve upon products and processes. Here’s what you need to know about integrating machine learning into your organization’s infrastructure.

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So, You Are Thinking About Integrating Machine Learning Into Your Business Process?

By: Dmitriy

When most people think of ML, they imagine a team of data scientists, high overhead costs for computer hardware and timelines that stretch into quarters or a year before seeing results. But today the market is filled with automation tools and cloud-based computing power. ML, AI, and Big Data are available more than ever. It is now easier for medium to large-size businesses to start using and applying these advancements in business intelligence technology to grow and improve their business.

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Data Biz: Q & A with John Tardy

By: Sharon Mattei

John Tardy is a principal consultant at Starr & Associates and leads the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics practice area.  He has a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Biomedical Engineering from Rutgers University and an MBA in Management of Technology from Georgia Tech.  He has worked with start-ups and served in senior leadership roles with some of the most recognized brands in the country.  He pairs a depth of technical expertise with business savvy to deliver practical and impactful solutions for his clients.

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