S&A uses a customized approach to support growth and higher profits.

Business Analytics

S&A produces actionable results that improve performance.

Business Intelligence

We use business intelligence to capture insights hidden in unstructured data.

Technology Management

S&A uses technology to help you achieve your workforce goals.

Welcome to Starr & Associates


Even with great tools, data mining and analytics are challenging. Starr & Associates (S&A) understands how to use industry-standard software and practices to create evidence-based strategies for building more efficient, responsive, competitive, and customer-focused organizations.

Many of our clients are in private or public industries where end-customer satisfaction is critical to marketplace success. To optimize the customer experience at these organizations, we use our expertise to explore data stores and key processes.

Through analysis and observation, we assess your employees and technologies and identify opportunities for improving workflow efficiency, performance, and effectiveness.



Our Analytics are anything but standard. Complex business processes require custom analytics that tells the whole story. Our team of data science pros and developers have what it takes to create just about anything to help you manage your business.

In this rapidly changing world, intelligent businesses that can navigate those changes will be successful

As business intelligence deepens, so does our ability to solve complex problems and form fundamental strategies that drive business decisions. With that, risks become less risky, opportunities become more abundant and the inevitable incorporation of technology means more information that will consistently and certainly lead to larger gains in efficiency and profits.

Ready or not, here comes change

Rest assured, the business landscape now and into the future will be anything but predictable. Whether you are improving your current operations, modernizing a company, or revolutionizing an industry, being able to transform a business requires some very real, fundamental, and highly critical components that need attention now! We utilize “The Four C’s” to assess, strategize and implement enterprise transformation:

Calling: Enables the understanding of enterprise strengths and gaps that propel them toward their calling.

Capability: The enterprise must evaluate its current capabilities and identify strengths and gaps that propel them toward their calling.

Capital: May determine transformation feasibility, options and/or time frames.

Culture: A transformation plan that addresses culture is only as good as the people that must execute it.