Understanding Robotic Process Automation

Two buzzwords of today’s business world – robotic process automation and artificial intelligence – can provide your business with improved customer service, better marketing advice, help you make better financial decisions and assist you in achieving much more. Let’s delve into them to give you a better understanding of how they work and what they can help your business do.

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The Importance of Capturing Tribal Knowledge

24 Aug 2020 Analytics

The manufacturing industry and field service industry are facing a growing problem – how to capture tribal knowledge from an aging population of workers.  At the 2019 Field Service Conference in Amelia Island, FL, this topic was widely discussed amongst industry representatives.

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Ending One of Leaders’ Most Menacing Recurring Nightmares

I know you’ve had the nightmare. You know, that one! You are driving along at some unlawful speed down a dark windy road. Typically, there is an urgency to either escape some pursuing peril or there is the overwhelming desire to reach a nebulous destination to accomplish some life or death feat. It doesn’t really matter whether the latter or former is the case. What is constant is the incremental loss of control of the vehicle as you progress down that winding road. You lose control more and more until that final moment in which you are completely at the mercy of the speeding vehicle, which may I add, always seems to occur at the most treacherous stretch of the road. I have come to understand that this nightmare is not unique to me as it is one of the most popular recurring nightmares among Americans.

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Starr & Associates Opening Hearts for Open Hand

By: Craig P. Woods

Open Hand is a community-based provider of nutritious, home delivered meals to those who may otherwise go without food.  Starr & Associates became a neighbor of Open Hand approximately four years ago and due to their mission, decided to get involved by providing volunteers for their daily meal packing process. When Open Hand discovered that volunteers from Starr & Associates had expertise in process improvement, they approached us about helping them to address the inefficiencies in their operations. (Open Hand delivers over 5,000 meals per day to 19 counties in metro Atlanta.) Thus, as part of its core mission to be good corporate citizens, Starr & Associates agreed to work with Open Hand to enhance the experience of their volunteers and to make recommendations that would enable the organization to be more efficient in the preparation and delivery of its meals.

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Lean Startup Methodology Applied to Remote Work

With the recent pandemic forcing more companies to shift to an increasingly more remote work model, companies are discovering that they don’t know who their employees truly are yet or how their work should be done remotely.  Make sure you’re online during business hours you’re told.  Ok, so cover your um, bases, you think.  Don’t let that green light in Skype or Microsoft Teams change to any other color but red.  Red means you’re SUPER busy.  Green means you’re busy – maybe, maybe not.  Available?  In theory, yes.  But you could have trained the retired old lady next door to refresh that green light all afternoon while you snuck out for a round of golf.

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What The Last Dance Can Teach Us About Diversity as a Competitive Advantage

It was to be the comeback of all comebacks. The most celebrated athlete in the world was making his grand return from a nearly two-year hiatus to the sport that he loved. He was returning to his old teammates and old city, both of whom desperately awaited his return. The world waited with bated breath as the Chicago Bulls made their way through the remainder of the 1994-1995 season poised to seriously contend for the NBA championship. The city of Chicago was practically bursting with excitement and had started making the plans for the celebratory parade to conclude that season as they cheered the return of the championship trophy to their city. Enter REALITY!

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Employee Engagement in Light of COVID-19

Employee Engagement in Light of COVID-19

COVID-19 is hindering employee engagement in a multitude of ways. Not only are employees distracted, but they are also isolated. If you feel as though your employees aren’t engaged, you need to take action now. Engagement is an incredibly important part of developing company culture and productivity, and low employee satisfaction never yields good results.

Connecting With the Right Team

When employees aren’t engaged, you don’t want to interact with human resources. You don’t want to reach out to upper management. You want to connect with direct management and supervisors; those who are listening to their team and who understand what makes their teamwork. If you can, reach out directly to employees. Find out what they need to feel valued.

Foster a Feeling of Connection

Under COVID-19, employees frequently feel as though they aren’t as connected. Make sure that employees are getting enough face-to-face time in terms of video conferencing and phone conversations. If employees aren’t able to communicate with each other, they’re going to start feeling like their work doesn’t matter and isn’t valued. But it doesn’t take a lot to help them feel connected, just conscientious effort.

Make Sure Employees Are Cared For

At this time, the last thing employees really want to have to worry about is their jobs. Tell employees about the direction that the business is taking and how the business is performing. Be honest and transparent. Let employees know what might be coming next. If people are going to have fewer hours, they need to know. The more honest you are with people, the more they will trust you.

Give Them an Open Door

There are a lot of things that employees may want to discuss during this time. They may need more time off. They may need to know about their health benefits. Or they may just need to know that they’re functioning well under these new constraints. Give employees a time when they can reach someone, such as their HR representative, and bring up their concerns.

Be Proactive About Potential Issues

When problems do arise that could potentially impact employees, don’t let it be a surprise. Everyone knows that there are new developments every day, and they will be understanding if these issues are brought up beforehand. Always have a plan. Don’t just give employees a problem, but also discuss what you’re going to do about it. This will make them feel more confident with the direction that the business is taking.

Everything else is uncertain. So employees need to be certain about something, and work is often that. Maintain structure rather than trying to do things on-the-fly. Set expectations clearly and make sure employees always know what they need to be doing. The more certain they are, the better.

Maintain Structure

Everything else is uncertain. So employees need to be certain about something, and work is often that. Maintain structure rather than trying to do things on-the-fly. Set expectations clearly and make sure employees always know what they need to be doing. The more certain they are, the better.

It’s not easy to keep employees engaged, especially when they’re dealing with other issues such as quarantine and potential illness. But if you’re able to reach out to your employees and communicate with them more effectively, it will help. To start gauging your employee engagement and effectiveness, you need a plan. You also need data. To learn more, contact the experts at Starr & Associates.

Machine Learning 101: Essential for the Modern Business

Machine Learning 101: Essential for the Modern Business

Today, machine learning is becoming incredibly important for businesses hoping to remain competitive. From shipping and logistics to the medical industry, machine learning is being used to improve upon products and processes. Here’s what you need to know about integrating machine learning into your organization’s infrastructure.

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