Services Delivered


S&A uses a customized approach to support growth and higher profits. We define strategies that align your workforce capabilities and organizational priorities. By creating a long-term game plan for success, we enable you to navigate the competitive landscape and position your resources to stake out and hold the strategic high ground.
Our strategy services include business plan deployment, business valuation, change management, decision analysis, game theory, financial modeling, lean manufacturing, merger and acquisitions, marketing, operations, operational improvement, portfolios, program design, program management, Six Sigma problem solving, and strategic management of technology.
We create your strategic plan by tapping into a unique set of industry best practices, professional experiences, industry insights, and innovative ideation strategies. The result is a roadmap for establishing competitive advantage in your respective business ecosystem.
Each strategic plan is unique to your organization but typically includes action items that are designed to boost demand, mitigate buyer power, preserve scarce capital, and address competitive pressures. We focus on promoting viable and sustainable growth by taking full advantage of your organization’s core strengths, differentiators, and market advantages.

Business Analytics

S&A uses business analytics to produce actionable results that improve the performance of government agencies and private companies. By applying the applications, practices, and technologies of business analytics, we help you anticipate changes in the competitive landscapes, understand external market trends, and identify internal performance shifts.
Our business analytics toolkit includes big data, data mining, data analysis, designed experiments, econometrics, financial forecasting, integer programming, linear programming, mathematical modeling, operations research, regression analysis, Six Sigma Analysis, statistical forecasting, and time-series analysis. These techniques allow us to answer important questions about your industry, business, market, workforce, and customers.
We also use powerful customized predictive models to help you drive operational effectiveness and position your business for competitive advantage. While our approach to business analytics is appropriately complex, we communicate our investigative results using reports that are simple to comprehend, share, and implement.

Business Intelligence

To understand how you operate, S&A uses business intelligence to capture insights hidden in unstructured data. Most organizations possess an abundance of information but not the expertise or technology to extract and analyze it. We help you establish procedures for leveraging this resource, so you can enhance the performance and profitability of your organization.
Our business intelligence services include balanced scorecard development, dashboard development, data interpretation, data visualization, change management, metric development, performance management, and performance trending.
We use these services to capture, profile, structure, and present data. By facilitating insightful decision making, we help you map a course for improving operations, lowering costs, and regaining competitiveness. If your organization is considering an investment in business intelligence technology, we can help you identify cost-effective investments that will meet your immediate and long-term informational needs.

Technology Management

S&A uses technology to help you achieve your workforce goals. We thoroughly understand the tools of business optimization and use them to implement or build practical solutions for promoting efficiency and integrating key business practices.
S&A technology management services include analysis of alternatives, application quality assurance, application testing, business requirements, change management, communication planning and deployment, data integration, data mining, predictive algorithms, project management, test scripts, user requirements, and technology-vendor management.
For most engagements, we develop custom reports, dashboards, and balanced scorecards for ensuring ongoing improvement. By connecting people and technology at every level of process, we give your workers the tools they need to deliver unrivaled customer satisfaction. Those same technical tools can also help you create the type of work environment that encourages high employee moral, low turnover, and industry-leading productivity.

Best of all, S&A has the technical expertise and experience to plan, implement, and support these enhancements.