Product innovation and market disruption are hallmarks of telecommunications. Rapid changes in technology and consumer preference make this one of the most volatile industry sectors. S&A helps decision makers anticipate trends, implement quality drivers, improve worker performance and capacity, and isolate issues affecting customer satisfaction and attrition.

We work closely with telecommunications clients to:

  • Create technology user requirements to enhance service delivery, customer interactions, and workforce efficiency
  • Define workforce strategies that meet service-level requirements and customer demands
  • Determine core competencies and synergies for potential merger and acquisition targets
  • Develop, track, and visualize operation, quality, customer-sentiment, and treatment-effectiveness cost metrics
  • Forecast customer loss and possible causes
  • Identify software solutions that improve service delivery and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Implement and manage information technology projects
  • Improve processes to maximize customer experience and differentiation
  • Isolate quality drivers that reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction
  • Optimize product portfolios to match current and emerging market trends
  • Plan for future market trends based on complex customer wants
  • Reduce costs by better aligning resources with product demand
  • Simulate and model the output capacity of the workforce
  • Use workforce automation data to enable business analytics and business intelligence efforts

The demand for raw materials is insatiable, but mining operations still have to compete in a commodities-based market. S&A uses a range of methods to lower overhead and improve efficiency. These approaches enable us to propose strategies for optimizing product portfolios, identifying equipment-failure patterns, forecasting demand and production capacity, and improving workforce and equipment performance and effectiveness.

We work closely with mining clients to:

  • Align material extraction with market demand
  • Analyze market trends relative to material extraction capabilities
  • Assess technology needs and develop user requirements to enhance material extraction and monitoring
  • Compare extraction and production capabilities to demand trends
  • Improve processes to maximize throughput, efficiency, and equipment use
  • Integrate technologies to improve resource management and utilization
  • Manage work-automation solutions to reduce labor costs
  • Model real-time production and throughput for contributors, equipment, and personnel
  • Optimize product portfolios to match current and emerging market trends
  • Predict equipment-failure patterns
  • Simulate and forecast extraction capacity
  • Visualize workforce-performance trends

The business of making things is more complicated than ever. Global trends and markets place incredible pressures on the most nimble and cost-competitive operations. S&A uses its resources and expertise to dive into manufacturing processes and uncover opportunities for improving quality, aligning products, optimizing resources, and workforce performance, and matching real-time production to anticipated demand.

We work closely with manufacturing clients to:

  • Align products with customer expectations, markets, and resources
  • Assess technology needs and user requirements for more effective production processes
  • Create plans to optimize supply chains to improve quality and reduce logistical risk and costs
  • Determine core competencies and synergies with merger and acquisition targets
  • Develop workforce profiles for future competitiveness
  • Enhance processes to maximize throughput, efficiency, and equipment use
  • Identify quality drivers for reducing cost and improving customer satisfaction
  • Implement data-integration technologies to allow better business management
  • Isolate predictors of workforce performance
  • Manage work-automation solutions for greater cost efficiency
  • Model equipment and personnel effectiveness and throughput contributors
  • Optimize product offerings with core skills and market demand
  • Pinpoint technologies that provide competitive advantage
  • Simulate production capability
  • Understand market, market behavior, and optimum product positioning
  • Visualize cost, demand, quality metrics, trends, and workforce performance

The demand for healthcare services is rising along with requirements for controlling costs and improving patient outcomes. S&A works with healthcare organizations and providers to understand service trends, patient expectations, treatment effectiveness, and workforce drivers. We use data and analytics to help create patient-centric environments for delivering services more efficiently and sustainably.

We work closely with healthcare clients to:

  • Align healthcare services with emerging market trends
  • Determine treatment success rates and contributing factors
  • Develop technology user requirements to increase treatment effectiveness, improve diagnosis, and provision care
  • Identify software solutions and other technologies that enhance patient treatment and satisfaction
  • Implement and manage IT projects
  • Improve processes to support cost efficiency, customer satisfaction, and treatment effectiveness
  • Integrate data technology and business analytics and business intelligence to enhance care effectiveness
  • Isolate factors affecting workforce effectiveness
  • Model, predict, and optimize demand for services
  • Produce workforce strategies for delivering services that meet patient expectations
  • Visualize metrics for operational cost, customer sentiment, quality, and treatment effectiveness
Public Sector

State, local, and federal government entities are tasked with accomplishing complex missions without the operational flexibility often available to private-sector companies. S&A understands how to work within these unique environments and delivers analysis and strategy for improving services and outcomes. We use macro-level economic, political, and census data to analyze and visualize critical trends, on-site assessments to quantify worker performance, and sophisticated predictive models to improve employee retention.

We work closely with public sector clients to:

  • Align organizational structures to maximize efficiency, employee engagement, and productivity
  • Analyze census, economic, and macro data
  • Identify factors affecting worker effectiveness
  • Improve information and product flow
  • Model and predict employee attrition
  • Strategize plans to deliver high levels of service and taxpayer satisfaction
  • Visualize trends in workforce attrition, performance, and retention