Realizing the Potential of Big Data 

While this massive data has the potential to transform revenues and operational effectiveness, few organizations have been able to operationalize and monetize this promise. Creating a culture that can successfully leverage big data and analytics is about tying together the right technology, operating model, and people that make analytics a differentiator in the marketplace.

Reversing a Negative NPS Trend 

Improving the NPS begins with the senior leadership strategically aligning the organization to advance it. Improvement efforts require an investment of the organizational talent at all levels. The NPS must be integrated into the values and culture of the organization, touching every department to achieve long-term profitability and sustainable growth by listening, engaging and acting upon what your customers are telling you.

Bridging Organizational Silos and Creating a Constancy of Purpose

Silos are the unintended product of a firm’s organizational structure. Department managers strive to optimize the processes within their scope of responsibility with modest attention to the impact of their outputs upon downstream departments. Organizational leaders must challenge this paradigm and hold department heads to a higher standard, seeing the big picture and striving to optimize the entire firm. A structured methodology utilizing process flow diagrams, cause and effect analysis, experimentation, and standardization helps leaders and managers bridge silos and optimize the entire value chain.

Enterprise Transformation – How to Flourish by Embracing Inevitable Change

Enterprise Transformation is not about just improving current enterprise capabilities. It is about fundamentally transforming the enterprise. Furthermore, successful Enterprise Transformation depends not on luck, but on strategy and planning. This whitepaper outlines a structured, methodical approach to drive Enterprise Transformation planning and execution.

Strategic Planning as a Tool for Aligning Personnel to Achieve Corporate Goals

Many companies have trouble improving employee performance. They train, create incentives, and issue ultimatums. But usually, they fail to identify the underlying problem that is keeping performance down. To learn more about the right way to handle this issue, download our Performance Management white paper.

Field Technician Performance Management

In today’s hyper-competitive business climate, all organizations want to leverage their most valuable resource – their people. People are the key to achieving competitive advantage. Products can be quickly duplicated and services cheaply emulated – but innovation, execution, and knowledge cannot. Tapping into a workforce’s collective talent is the key to competing and winning in today’s global market. To find out how S&A improved the efficiency of Cox Communications’ field services operation, download our case study.

Customer Journey Mapping Tool

It is imperative that customer-facing organizations understand the consumer’s perspective as they journey across the various touch points during the purchasing process. What has grown equally as important, thanks to advancements in data collection technology, is that it is necessary to identify opportunities along the customer’s journey to extract greater value while at the same time enhancing customer satisfaction. The form below is a tool used to facilitate thought around enhancing your opportunities to extract greater value while improving the customer experience.