Using Data Analytics for Your Company

11 May 2018 Uncategorized

As a company offering garage door services, you can use data mining and analytics to figure out how to better market your company. First of all, analysts are not there to create reports chock full of data. Data is merely input. Insights you provide are the most important output. Once you master the numbers, you start reading the meaning. You have to be able to answer what the data means to your business and from there, what actions should be taken in order to improve the key metrics of your company.

The ability to collect the right data is one thing, but making that data useful takes another mindset, another skillset. Segmentation will drive action on your data. Group visitors that have similar attributes. Choose which segments you want to study based on the business question you want to answer. Identifying segments will enhance your understanding of customer behavior, something you can use to set up an optimization plan. Digital analytics tools often have built-in segmentation, like Google Analytics.

Figure out Context for Data Sets.

Everyone has data and personal data-driven insights (read: opinions). In many cases, a superior understanding of the context of your data set will result in the best decisions. Ensure you establish the context for the data you are reviewing.

That said, know what you offer and how to sell that to your customer base. Overhead garage doors come in many styles and each offers its own benefits as well as negative sides. The first type of overhead garage doors is ones with retractable doors. These consist of a single piece of an overhead door which swings out as you open it and then can be pushed up so that it aligns and rests against the roof of your garage. These are a bit older is style and design and are very popular for homes with an antiquated feel or older homes which need to replace their overhead garage doors. The downside to having these types of overhead garage doors is that they require space in front of open so you cannot park bikes or cars too close to the door. These are the easiest of the overhead garages doors to break into and do not offer a lot of insulation.

Know Your Services

Another type of overhead garage doors is the canopy doors which can be installed with garage door services. Their design is similar to other retractable doors but requires less room when opening. This door does not retract entirely which leaves 1/3 of the door exposed. When they are closed they are more secure than other retractable doors. Sectional doors are the most popular of the overhead garage doors. These have several hinges inside which will rise and fall along the rail. This type offers the most security as well as insulation with a wider range of design possibilities. Roller doors are the last type of overhead garage doors and have narrow slats that make up the entire door. These slats will roll up when retracted. They do not need tracks or frames because they roll straight up. However, the design options are limited because of this. Windows and panels will often not fit into the slats.