Lean startup expertise to effectively guide entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs through launch and growth acceleration.

Starting a new enterprise is a rewarding but tumultuous experience. The journey is riddled with uncertainty, hidden pitfalls, competitors, and grueling hard work. All of this is compounded by the fact that very few startups or small businesses have the infinite amount of experience, time, human capital or capital to weather all of the potential storms that lie in wait. In today’s business landscape, developing the right product or service is not the only parameter for success. Perhaps equally as important is the timing to market and ability to adapt to market forces. With ever-complex and evolving consumer trends, it is important to enter the market when trends are favorable to your product or service. This means the shorter the time to market, the better.

At Starr & Associates, we leverage our deep knowledge of lean and business management to tailor a unique support solution for your particular product or service. Our experts leverage an iterative, customized lean startup approach that mitigates the risk of failure to the highest degree possible. Our skills prove valuable, starting with product ideation and development all the way through startup maturity. Our method is a three-phased iterative approach to defining and refining your product, processes, and promotions. This approach results in faster time to market, reduced capital outlay, reduced risk and a greater likelihood of product adoption.

Here is how we can support each phase of your business’ growth trajectory:

Ideation – We leverage custom tools that foster innovation and creativity to aid in the complete development of your business concept. Once the concept is mature, we ensure that you are fully able to articulate the benefits, features and value proposition for your particular product or service. Relevant services include:

  • QFD/Requirements Gathering
  • Business Case Development
  • Market Assessment
  • Problem/Solution Statement
  • Custom Client Profile Development

Planning – Our consultants leverage all the relevant strategic planning tools to develop a comprehensive roadmap for your concept. We don’t just develop a static plan based on assumptions and educated guesses. We take an iterative scenario analysis approach that illustrates the ramifications of product tweaks and strategy pivots along the road to adoption. This gives an entrepreneur or budding company a true glimpse of the future under various conditions. Our plan will help position your company for maximum success by considering market trends, competitive outlook, and realistic resource constraints. Relevant services include:

  • Business Model Development
  • Business Plan Development
  • Resource Plan
  • Human Capital and Critical Personnel Analysis
  • Formation Execution Plan
  • Capital Structure Planning
  • Funding Advice
  • Business Intelligence Framework
  • Custom Lean Startup Framework
  • Iterative Development Plan
  • Layout Design & Industrial Engineering
  • Pricing Strategy

Formation – For a small business or startup it can be a tremendous task to take on all the necessary steps to properly organize, staff and promote a business. We specialize in a hyper level of service in aiding our clients to organize, staff and promote their organizations. We leverage our vast network of professional service providers, experts, and partners to expedite the formation of new businesses. While working within the guidelines provided by the visionary, we ensure that no detail is left out in preparing for value creation. Relevant services include:

  • Method & Procedure (M&P) development
  • Project Management
  • Technology Implementation
  • Administrative Support
  • Executive Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Negotiation Support
  • Talent Assessment
  • Crisis/Turn-around Management
  • Sourcing/Acquisition Advice
  • Training and Training Support

Operate – This is the most important phase of any business launch as it requires the most effort, capital, and resilience while potentially being the riskiest. This is where our consultants develop the customized iterative three phase approach of Build, Measure, Analyze (also known as the Lean Management Cycle). This approach leverages the ability to learn from each product iteration with minimum resource expenditure while either tweaking the product for greater customer impact or pivoting strategy to better align with market insights gained. In either case, each iteration should yield a product or product placement that reduces risk of failure and enhances product adoption. Relevant services include:

  • Interim Executive Staffing
  • Decision Analysis Support
  • Target Market Assessment and Recalibration
  • Operational Optimization
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Brand Management
  • Entrepreneurial Mentorship