Starr & Associates would like to invite you to a complementary analytics workshop with our partner, KNIME, on May 29th at 5PM at The Gathering Spot. KNIME is an open-source analytics platform that empowers professionals to get access to analytical insight quickly.  The purpose of the workshop is to provide both business and analytics professionals a hands-on overview of the benefits of leveraging an analytics platform for data analysis.

For business professionals, KNIME offers self-service analytics that empowers professionals to gain insights quickly by providing quick joining of multiple data sources and statistical analysis.  This code-free platform saves time and resources as a workbench tool. The analysis or data can be viewed and visualized in KNIME or in another application (Tableau, PowerBI, Excel, etc.).

For analytics professionals, KNIME is a robust and agile tool that enables the ability to work along the entire data science lifecycle (data access, data blending, data preparation, model training, optimization, testing, and deployment) within multiple data sources and programming languages.  This provides quick and seamless development, analysis, collaboration, and implementation saving time and resources.

Please see the event details, agenda, and registration link below.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Event Details:

KNIME Learnathon

May 29, 2019


The Gathering Spot

384 Northyards Blvd NW, Building 100, Suite 190, Atlanta, GA 30313


5:00 PM – Welcome and Introduction to KNIME Software

5:30 PM- The Data Science Cycle: From Raw Data to Deployment

5:50 PM- Datasets and Task Presentation, Group Formation + Food and Drinks

6:20 PM- Let’s work and learn!

8:30 PM- Networking