Interview – A Day in the Life of a “Starr” Citizen

Dmitriy Navichonak is a Senior Analyst at Starr & Associates. He has a deep background in developing business intelligence solutions by leveraging the latest in data management technology. Dmitriy has a wide range of skills from customized visualization of data to database management. He is heavily involved in intelligence solutions innovation and forensic data analysis in order to unlock hidden value for his clients.

Q1: If you could give yourself a title based on your day-to-day activities, what would it be?

Dmitriy: “I think I would have to go with “Agile Analyst” because of the need to adapt to the day-to-day business changes.”

Q2: What led to your decision to join S&A?

Dmitriy: “I used to work for a top telecommunications company, and the idea of leaving to work for S&A was a little intimidating. However, I wanted to find a culture and work atmosphere that was different from the corporate standard. During my first interview with S&A, I discovered that they were more of a specialized boutique firm based on the principles of meritocracy. I saw this as an opportunity with less hierarchy and the ability to build strong relationships with employees at all levels. I believe it’s a perfect launch pad to a successful career.”

Q3: What do you love most about S&A (as an organization)?

Dmitriy: I love the level of collaboration and knowledge sharing I experience while working here. I never feel like I am on my own with any problems.

Q4: What’s been your biggest challenge since joining S&A?

Dmitriy: There is a lot of work, and the industry expectation for delivery deadlines is getting shorter and shorter. It gets challenging at times with the deliverables, but it would be boring otherwise.

Q5: What is your favorite part of your particular job function?

Dmitriy: I’d say interacting with a variety of groups and clients is my favorite part. I get to work in different departments related to my job.

Q6: What type of problems do you enjoy helping your clients with most?

Dmitriy: Anything that has to do with data visualization and data interpretation. Making sense of all the numbers is an art of data science in itself.

Q7: How do you spend your time outside of work?

Dmitriy: I love the outdoors, including mountain biking, dirt biking, wakeboarding, camping and spending time with my friends grilling out.

Q8: Any hobbies? If so, what?

Dmitriy: I recently bought a DSLR camera, something that I never had an opportunity to learn. Other than that, I love gadgets and anything that has to do with cars.

Q9: If you had one wish that could impact the world, what would it be?

Dmitriy:  I’d wish for a better education in third world countries.