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Technology Management

S&A uses technology to help you achieve your workforce goals. We thoroughly understand the tools of business optimization and use them to implement or build practical solutions for promoting efficiency and integrating key business practices.
S&A technology management services include analysis of alternatives, application quality assurance, application testing, business requirements, change management, communication planning and deployment, data integration, data mining, predictive algorithms, project management, test scripts, user requirements, and technology-vendor management.
For most engagements, we develop custom reports, dashboards, and balanced scorecards for ensuring ongoing improvement. By connecting people and technology at every level of process, we give your workers the tools they need to deliver unrivaled customer satisfaction. Those same technical tools can also help you create the type of work environment that encourages high employee moral, low turnover, and industry-leading productivity.

Managing hundreds, if not thousands of moving parts in a technology enhancement effort can prove difficult, if not impossible, for many large organizations. The reality is that most businesses are designed to execute their core business function and not manage the level of change generated by rapidly changing technology initiatives. Our project managers, consultants and change managers are trained and dedicated to alleviating the management of technology planning and implementation efforts from business leaders. While we provide the appropriate oversight tools to mitigate any impending risk that may present itself, we also engage at a detailed level to take proper ownership of the execution level of the effort. We strive to make technology change as timely and painless for our clients as possible.

Once the need for a technology solution has been identified, it is still extremely difficult to understand all the available solution options. What’s further, there may be numerous solutions that actually address the need under consideration. There are numerous factors that determine the optimal solution: price, support structure, ease of implementation, ease of maintenance, scalability, ease of use, and reliability of the vendor. We have a proven methodology that allows us to work with clients to understand their unique needs so that we can aid in considering all relevant factors to select the right technology vendor. Vendors, along with their products are thoroughly assessed and managed to maximize value for our clients.

In today’s fast paced, ever-changing business climate there is one thing that is clear: companies must have a digital strategy in order to just survive! In order to thrive, it’s imperative to not only have a digital strategy but to have a superior one. We develop digital strategies for organizations that leverage best practices to enhance their product visibility through digital channels as well as eliminate waste from operations through the use of digital technology. We set the stage for our clients to use digital technology and data collection as a means to enhance their competitive position and increase their bottom line.

Best of all, S&A has the technical expertise and experience to plan, implement, and support these enhancements.