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S&A uses a customized approach to support growth and higher profits. We define strategies that align your workforce capabilities and organizational priorities. By creating a long-term game plan for success, we enable you to navigate the competitive landscape and position your resources to stake out and hold the strategic high ground.

Our strategy services include business plan deployment, business valuation, change management, decision analysis, game theory, financial modeling, lean manufacturing, merger and acquisitions, marketing, operations, operational improvement, portfolios, program design, program management, Six Sigma problem solving, and strategic management of technology.

We create your strategic plan by tapping into a unique set of industry best practices, professional experiences, industry insights, and innovative ideation strategies. The result is a roadmap for establishing competitive advantage in your respective business ecosystem.

Each strategic plan is unique to your organization but typically includes action items that are designed to boost demand, mitigate buyer power, preserve scarce capital, and address competitive pressures. We focus on promoting viable and sustainable growth by taking full advantage of your organization’s core strengths, differentiators, and market advantages.

Our consultants help facilitate long term and short term planning by leveraging the fundamental tools of strategic management. We work closely with our clients to understand their business landscape in order to develop tactics that align with the client’s competitive advantage and overall strategic intent. Our consultants are well versed in the strategic tools and techniques to guide your organization to superior competitive positioning.

Strategic Planning

Starting a new enterprise is a rewarding but tumultuous experience. The journey is riddled with uncertainty, hidden pitfalls, competitors, and grueling hard work. All of this is compounded by the fact that very few startups or small businesses have the infinite amount of experience, time, human capital or capital to weather all of the potential storms that lie in wait. In today’s business landscape, developing the right product or service is not the only parameter for success. Perhaps equally as important is the timing to market and ability to adapt to market forces. With ever-complex and evolving consumer trends, it is important to enter the market when trends are favorable to your product or service. This means the shorter the time to market, the better!

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We provide a thorough and honest assessment of our clients’ competitive landscape as it relates to their specific offering. A competitive analysis not only includes understanding our clients’ competitive advantages but also understanding the capabilities of the competition. We aid our clients in anticipating their competitors’ next move(s), allowing for ample proactive planning to mitigate the market effects of any competitor-created disruption.

Competitive Analysis

Understanding the receptiveness of the market to a particular product offering requires expert knowledge and plenty of supporting data. Our experts leverage both the standard business tools as well as the latest in data analytics to understand the complexities of the consumer market. We provide guidance on effectively targeting, channeling, and promoting the products and services that our clients provide. Our goal is to maximize our clients’ chances of success with each and every market entry event.

Market Analysis

Our Center for Process Excellence provides expertise in process and procedure development to enhance the performance of your organization. Our experts carefully assess processes and procedures for alignment with the original intent of the business or process owner. We also objectively evaluate your organization’s conformance to the processes that are essential to your success. Our skills in lean six sigma process improvement uniquely position our consultants to quickly understand, document, and visualize existing processes. In instances where processes are broken, we leverage our vast knowledge in process re-engineering to evaluate, re-design, implement, and validate new processes that are more effective for your organization.

Organizational Alignment and Assessment

In order for an organization to achieve its ultimate vision, it is imperative that the organization works within the framework of its chosen strategy to get there. Similarly, in order to effectively execute the winning strategy, companies must be optimally organized. Our experts assess the human capital, resources and structure of an organization along with its respective levels of competency to determine whether or not the company is poised for optimum success. In instances where human capital, resources or culture is not properly aligned, we will work with the client to develop a detailed roadmap to optimal alignment.

Organizational Alignment and Assessment

Managing hundreds, if not thousands of moving parts in an enterprise-wide effort can prove difficult, if not impossible for many organizations. The reality is that most businesses are designed to execute their core business function but not manage the level of change generated by enterprise-wide change initiatives. Our project managers, consultants and change managers are trained and dedicated to alleviating the pain associated with the management of these efforts. While we provide the appropriate oversight tools to mitigate any impending risk that may present itself, we also engage at a detailed level to take proper ownership of the execution level of the effort. We strive to make large-scale change as timely and painless for our clients as possible.

Project Management Office (PMO)

No organization has unlimited resources! To compete in today’s dynamic business environment, it is imperative that the right resources be dedicated to the right initiatives to create value for the company and its customers. We have a unique methodology for vetting capital projects to prioritize those that are most essential to the competitive position of the company. Projects that add the greatest value to the organization while fitting the resource constraint requirements are evaluated, enhanced, executed and monitored to completion.

Project Portfolio Analysis and Planning

Small, medium and large businesses that are striving to grow their market position have a two-pronged struggle to deal with. First there is the planning, effort and resources required to prepare the operations and consumers for the expansion; and then there is the planning, processes and procedures required to sustain the growth. We are experts in preparing organizations for both. Under our guidance, organizations not only grow but grow at an optimum and sustainable rate.

Business Expansion Planning

There are periods in the maturation of an organization in which it must completely reinvent itself to take on a different meaning than its original intent. There is certainly no shame in doing so, particularly when the reinvention deliberate and thoughtful. Our senior consultants specialize in evaluating organizations in the 4Cs of enterprise transformation. We can assess your Calling to understand your reason for existence; your Capabilities to ensure that they can support the new strategic direction; your Capital position to ensure the resources exist to fund the necessary metamorphosis; and the Culture of your organization to understand how to make the changes permanent and sustainable. We will guide you every step of the way from roadmap development to plan execution.

Enterprise Transformation

In order to compete in today’s dynamic business climate, it’s not only imperative to offer a superior product but also necessary to define a product realization process that minimizes waste. Waste equates to lost value for both the company and the consumer. Our consultants work with your subject matter experts to identify opportunities for your organization to eliminate waste. We thrive in enhancing throughput, first time quality, asset productivity and product lead time so that your organization can maximize the value it captures. Our experienced consultants utilize all of the business and industrial engineering skills at their disposal to ensure the optimal operating structure for your organization.

Operational Excellence

Best of all, S&A has the technical expertise and experience to plan, implement, and support these enhancements.