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Business Intelligence

To understand how you operate, S&A uses business intelligence to capture insights hidden in unstructured data. Most organizations possess an abundance of information but not the expertise or technology to extract and analyze it. We help you establish procedures for leveraging this resource, so you can enhance the performance and profitability of your organization.
Our business intelligence services include balanced scorecard development, dashboard development, data interpretation, data visualization, change management, metric development, performance management, and performance trending.
We use these services to capture, profile, structure, and present data. By facilitating insightful decision making, we help you map a course for improving operations, lowering costs, and regaining competitiveness. If your organization is considering an investment in business intelligence technology, we can help you identify cost-effective investments that will meet your immediate and long-term informational needs.

To business leaders, data is useless unless it is presented in a manner that aids their decision making ability. Our analysts and consultants are experts at sifting through large data sets to create meaningful reports and dynamic dashboards. The dashboards are both aesthetically appealing and practical in that they reveal many of the hidden trends reflective of your business performance. We guarantee that the reporting aligns with the business requirements as deemed relevant by the business leader.

As a business, it’s important to understand how to measure your strategic goals as well as the steps necessary to reach your goal. Progressive organizations use the balanced scorecard approach to determine whether their progress to the desired state and business performance is sufficient to achieve their goals. Our scorecards are designed to draw visibility to trends, occurrences or exceptions that would require intervention in order to progress according to the organization’s plan.

In today’s digital age, organizations tend to have an abundance of data available to them from numerous, disparate sources. While collecting data is relatively simple, the challenge that organization’s face is gaining meaningful insight from the information that they have amassed. Our analysts and consultants specialize in taking all types of data sets to develop strategies and tactics that add value to your business. We leverage a firm understanding of your business model and individual needs to guide us as we dig deep into the available mountains of data to build winning solutions for your organization.

Best of all, S&A has the technical expertise and experience to plan, implement, and support these enhancements.