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Business Analytics

S&A uses business analytics to produce actionable results that improve the performance of government agencies and private companies. By applying the applications, practices, and technologies of business analytics, we help you anticipate changes in the competitive landscapes, understand external market trends, and identify internal performance shifts.
Our business analytics toolkit includes big data, data mining, data analysis, designed experiments, econometrics, financial forecasting, integer programming, linear programming, mathematical modeling, operations research, regression analysis, Six Sigma Analysis, statistical forecasting, and time-series analysis. These techniques allow us to answer important questions about your industry, business, market, workforce, and customers.
We also use powerful customized predictive models to help you drive operational effectiveness and position your business for competitive advantage. While our approach to business analytics is appropriately complex, we communicate our investigative results using reports that are simple to comprehend, share, and implement.

It’s fair to say that any organization that possesses a crystal ball that allows them to see the future has a sizeable advantage over their competitors. While we cannot promise an actual glimpse of the future, we can offer the next best thing: a forecast with a high probability of actual occurrence. While we utilize the latest software applications to aid in forecasting event occurrences, it is our intimate understanding of stochastics, statistical modeling methodology and time series analysis that aids in the accuracy of our forecasts. Our analysts and consultants specialize in developing sophisticated predictive models that provide your organization with the opportunity to develop proactive plans to corner your respective market.

There are numerous scenarios in which it is important to understand if and how business factors affect one another. More importantly, it’s important to be able to draw a direct line of sight to whether or not operational changes actually affect the company’s bottom line. We use sound statistical analysis that allows us to test outcomes for significant changes based on specific business variables. Our methodologies include but are not limited to multiple variate regression analysis, design of experiments, advanced time series analysis, and logic models. We also leverage finite mathematical tools when solving complex problems in which numerous finite quantities of specific resources must be managed.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the ability to observe the effects of a change, a new process, a new product launch, a new manufacturing system, a fictitious scenario or a catastrophic event before they actually came to fruition? We utilize discrete event simulation tools to build accurate, working replicas of your business processes. These replicas can be virtually altered and tested to understand the effects of changes to the system without the waste and additional cost that comes along with trial and error. Our models are visually intuitive to aid managers in making meaningful inferences while maintaining the accuracy needed for successful evaluation.

Best of all, S&A has the technical expertise and experience to plan, implement, and support these enhancements.