It’s A Date

21 May 2018 Tableau

Our data analytics team at Starr & Associates often partners with operations and our six sigma engineers to drive process improvements by using various exploratory, statistically descriptive, or predictive analyses to identify opportunity. 

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Big Data Strategy – How to Break Down Silos and Drive Organizational Change

Nearly every company goes through some organizational growing pains. One common development, departmental silos, occurs at some point. Successful companies break down a silo, a department that protects its information, keeping it from other departments. Silos cause growth breakdowns, so continued growth requires their eradication.

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Inventory Management in the Age of Big Data

With a booming tech industry in conjunction with the entrepreneurial spirit, business owners today have a myriad of tools and software available to increase sales and profits while increasing ROI exponentially. Understanding inventory management in the age of big data is essential for any industry looking to get ahead in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace.

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