The Keys to Execution: How Great Strategies Fail in Implementation

No matter how well researched and well written your strategic plan, it can fail in the implementation stage. It doesn’t matter how much executive or overall employee input went into it if you don’t act in a way that integrates the strategies into day-to-day company activity and culture.

Jamal Starr
Starr & Associates Management Consulting

Safety. From the head and the heart

On April 20th, I have the honor of representing my organization in an open panel discussion with esteemed colleagues from some of the largest global brands. The topic of conversation won’t be centered on the monetization of big data, managing asset efficiency or any of the other “sexy” topics of the month. You may find it surprising to know that our time and attention will be focused on one of the most important (but least mastered) subjects facing any…

Interview – A Day in the Life of a “Starr” Citizen

Dmitriy Navichonak is a Senior Analyst at Starr & Associates. He has a deep background in developing business intelligence solutions by leveraging the latest in data management technology. Dmitriy has a wide range of skills from customized visualization of data to database management. He is heavily involved in intelligence solutions innovation and forensic data analysis in order to unlock….

Competitive Analysis

Assessing the “Intent” in Strategic Intent – Pt. 1

I recently took an executive education course in which I was asked the question, “What is Strategy?”As I listened to a myriad of answers, all of which could have been correct in my opinion, the course instructor put a counter-intuitive spin on the answer. “Strategy” as it pertains to business always seems to give the connotation of plans for future action. Most of us tend to think of “strategy” as…

Maximizing Profit through Sales and Service Contract Alignment

Many equipment manufacturers/distributors struggle with the delicate balance of customizing sales and service packages that meet the price sensitivities of their customers while ensuring they are not artificially eroding margin through hidden costs. The ideal circumstance for any dealer would be to sell a customer a 100% reliable unit while at the same time selling an associated maintenance and service…